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Experts gathered in baoan to discuss research achievements to help enterprises develop.

Date: 2017-11-01
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2017 - 11 - 01

On November 17 to 19, linear motor professional committee of China electrotechnical society (hereinafter referred to as the "branch") "2017 national linear motor academic conference" was held in baoan, from the national related colleges and universities, research institutes and companies such as 40 units of 158 delegates to the conference. At the meeting, experts from Hong Kong university of science and technology and Hong Kong polytechnic university made academic reports on the relevant content of the linear motor, and received 49 papers from the participants. This conference is sponsored by Goertek Inc., and co-sponsored by shenzhen university and the intelligent hardware industry technology innovation promotion center of baoan district.

Effectively carry out scientific research cooperation to promote the application and promotion of academic achievements.

Branch director professor committee yun-yue ye, song, general manager of subsidiary shares Li Fengguo jian-fei pan, shenzhen university and shenzhen baoan district intelligent hardware, vice President of the alliance (hereinafter referred to as the "intelligent hardware industry alliance"), secretary general of the generation of grams of gold respectively welcome address the opening ceremony of the meeting. In the speech, vice President pan jianfei introduced the faculty and scientific research results of shenzhen university to the guests and representatives. Meanwhile, he gave the meeting the expectation. He said he hoped to use the platform of the academic conference to aim at the advanced level at home and abroad, effectively carry out scientific research cooperation, and jointly innovate and promote the application and promotion of academic achievements in colleges and universities. Intelligent hardware industry alliance will also support the enterprises high-end professionals, the emphases and difficulties in technology implementation of joint researches, for upgrading enterprise technology innovation, improve product core competitiveness; We should give full play to the role of coordination and guidance, and form a new situation of win-win cooperation between enterprises, universities and scientific research institutions, and promote "production, learning and research".

Learned, intelligent hardware industry association is a national 2020 intelligent manufacturing strategic planning and shenzhen intelligent manufacturing innovation demand as the guidance, by intelligent hardware industry leading enterprises in the field of technology combine to shenzhen university and related well-known institutions of higher learning, scientific research institutions and social organizations, the spirit of "cooperation, innovation, win-win and development" for the purpose of jointly set up a set of professional, academic and collaborative service, a nonprofit consortium. Mainly by the factors: service as the main body, the accuracy of diversified and multi-level collaboration innovation service, in order to promote the high-end professional talents cultivation and improve industry core competence as the goal, to assist the factors: government, service, build scientific and technological innovation "one-stop" work style service platform.

Seven experts made the topic report and communicated and read 21 papers.

In the keynote speech session of the general assembly, seven special representatives made excellent reports: professor qiu li of the Hong Kong university of science and technology made a report on the motion control of the underdrive; Dr Bichao made a report on the performance impact of the magnetic pole design of VCM in HDD. Dr. Luchenfen made a report on the research and application of linear motor system. The application and challenge of electromagnetic field numerical calculation in electromagnetic product design was made by the Hong Kong polytechnic university. Dr. Shi made a report on the traction and power supply technology of the medium-speed maglev train based on synchronous traction; Professor wang xudong's team has made a report on the current situation and prospects of the research on magnetic levitation and non-cable car circulating elevator. Dr. Du jinhua made a report on the key problems in the design of high thrust density linear switched reluctance motor.

At the meeting, 49 papers were received and 21 were read and communicated. The contents of the paper include the design and analysis of linear motor, control and application, test and test, rail transit, linear motor application test and so on. These studies focus on the development needs of national economic and technological development, and actively promote the development of high-efficiency, energy-saving and precision control applications.

During the conference, the eighth linear motor professional committee held a working meeting, and issuing of 30 of the eighth committee of employment certificate, and discusses the corporate membership and the next annual meeting of the undertaking, etc. The committee tentatively determined that the academic annual meeting of the national linear motor in 2019 will be jointly organized by suzhou xinfeng hengfu science and technology co., LTD and zhejiang university, and the conference will be held in suzhou. During the conference, the participants actively communicated with each other, reflecting the spirit of being proactive and seeking new reality.

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