Enlightenment star business camp as an important part of star of enlightenment incubation chain, is controlled by the tsinghua science park enlightenment for large-scale public welfare entrepreneurship training activities sponsored by the global entrepreneurs, and angel investment plans, enlightenment global incubation network industry partners together hand in hand to. By "entrepreneurial training + services + open platform + angel investment", take advantage industry leading enterprises, professional resources, to cultivate entrepreneurial talents of science and technology, promote...
Plug-in and Play can be regarded as one of the world's earliest accelerator, it is mainly engaged in acceleration technology, spawned more than 300 technology companies, a total of 180 investment partners, including IBM, P&G giants such as, and create the perfect teacher training system.
Tsinghua students, alumni X-ray lab for tsinghua each courtyard provide creative innovation entrepreneurship related services, through a variety of ways, to cultivate and improve the students' creative quality and creative ability, promote the integration of multi-disciplinary team collaboration. Tsinghua X-ray lab in tsinghua university departments, laboratory and outside the enterprise, investment institutions, professional services, high-tech zone of local government to establish a partnership, set up "innovation" entrepreneurial ecosystem, realize the creative elements of the...
Beijing lotus pond investment management co., LTD., established on July 31, 2014, including investment management, etc.
HuaKong (tianjin) investment management co., LTD. Is a specialized investment institutions that have specialized fund investment and management team, dedicated to the colleges and universities and research institutes of science and technology achievements transformation investment of the project, including but not limited to, TMT, machinery manufacturing, biological, medical, energy conservation, environmental protection and other fields.Hua kong foundation foundation is the first Chinese professional university and scientific research institute technology achievement transformation fund initi...
Huilongsen international enterprise incubation (Beijing) co., LTD., established on April 26, 2002, covers the incubation of technology enterprises and so on.
Krypton space is a 36-krypton enterprise service platform with joint office as the carrier. For the perfection of the global entrepreneurs to provide cost-effective office depth of experience and a full range of business services, advocates the value idea of sharing and open community atmosphere, to the entrepreneurs to provide the best products and services.It has 30 communities in Beijing, Shanghai, shenzhen, hangzhou, suzhou, nanjing, wuhan, chengdu and tianjin, with an overall average occupancy rate of over 94.2%.Currently, the krypton space has provided the supporting office space service...
Brio Intelligence considers the entire enterprise -- it provides a complete, integrated decision support platform that supports the release, analysis, and decision support of information. It increases the value of the enterprise information, improve the performance of enterprises, provide enterprises with the competitive advantage, its rich features include enterprise report, analysis, report, powerful servers, special query, OLAP, analysis application tools etc.
The incubation group is one of the well-known incubators in China.
Taiku technology entrepreneurship development co., LTD., established on March 06, 2014, including venture capital business, etc.
Zhongguancun intelligent hardware industry alliance was founded by 21 units, the first chairman of the company is jingdong, and the vice-chairmen include xiaomi, qihoo, baidu, Letv, haier and 21 other units. The member units cover the industrial chain links such as chip design, industrial design, software, Internet and big data, hardware, e-commerce, and certification.
The company is one of the well-known green enterprises in China, leading environmental protection enterprises in China.
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